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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you are adding any investigators to your team. I am fairly new around here and want to get back into investigating. I use to be part of a team in Florida. Thanks for your time.


  2. Good evening. My name is Debbie. My boyfriend Eric, lives in a house built in the 40’s. Not terribly old. Perhaps this is nothing, but we are at a loss to understand how this could happen. Two days ago, my boyfriend woke up to a name carved into his kitchen table. When he returned home a few hours later, the word Hi! was written next to it. I’m hoping there’s a logical explanation, but can’t seem to make sense of this. Would it be possible to come out to his home and investigate? He lives in Beaverton.

    Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.


  3. My name is Kristina. There is an incredibly strong presence in my home and I believe it’s beginning to even influence me. I’m terrified to be alone in my own house, last night a chair was pulled out from the table before our very eyes while my family was having a meeting about the exact problem. My mother is in extreme denial. Whenever I bring it up she screams and yells at me. I feel like my well-being is in danger…. It’s draining the life out of me…. It’s making me feel awful things. There was a point where my mother DOES admit to thinking I was being “possessed” or used by it at one point. I do not recall of doing this but apparently my mother got a call from her dad and heard demonic noises on the phone. While those demonic noises were happening, my uncle told me I was speaking in tongues. I do not recall of this, to me there was a blank space in my memory. The demonic phone noises happen quite frequently, and even happened to my mom at work once. There are strange happenings all the time. The house was once haunted by something that projected itself as a civil war soldier, when my mom, uncle and aunt were kids. It actually traveled to 4 houses in the neighborhood, making a cross in it’s pattern. I’ve seen him at my neighbors house, he is not the same thing that is currently in my house. One night when my boyfriend was over, I locked him in my grandparents room where I feel the most energy… I don’t know why I did it… I felt like it was a sudden urge, that I needed to do it. While he was in there he said he felt as if he was being hunted down like an animal, I couldn’t get the door open it was like something out of the movies. I’m scared that it’s dangerous, and I’m scared of it. I’m scared of seeing it or feeling it. Please… Tell me how I can stop it…. tell me how I can make it leave…. IS There even anything to worry about? IS there even anything in my house?

  4. I run Forest Moon Paranormal and although we cover all aspects of the paranormal and have members for the haunted fields, my specialty is UFO’s and Alien abduction so just here to help you in those areas if you need it. our group can be found at if you are interested in networking and easier to get help for non-haunting cases. We are HQ’ed out of Concrete, WA

  5. Hello you have been out to our house before in Portland Oregon on Bush st. Weird things have been happening again. My roommate keeps seeing a shadow in the closet and things are falling off the walls and a glass on the kitchen table flew off on the floor and broke every near my feet. I do be leave we have something else I don’t think its the man next door that you removed. Would you please help us.

    • HI Heather,

      I hope you found someone to help you. I closed the group down last July as I have moved to South Carolina. The web page will disappear sometime in February since I am not renewing the domain name. I was just going through all the messages in preparation of the page shut down.

      Sorry I did not see the comment sooner,

      Jennifer Anderson

  6. Hello,
    I’m interested in talking about the work you do in the area and maybe writing a blog post and maybe having you on our podcast.
    Hope to here from you 😀

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